Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops will be listed on this page as details become available. 

Why are there currently no scheduled workshops listed?

Due to increasing costs and the overall necessity to maintain workshop related liability insurance,  I do not operate my own private workshop program. However, I do continue to teach workshops (as an independently contracted employee) through colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, and private workshop programs in which liability insurance is maintained as an integral part of their ongoing educational programs. As such, the scheduling of workshops in which I participate may be sporadic due to that schedule being dependent upon my being invited (and subsequently hired) to teach for those independent organizations.

Should you be interested to explore the possibility of a future workshop opportunity in your area, I encourage you to contact such organizations that you may know of, with a request that they consider the possibility of scheduling a future workshop involving my participation. Inquiries may be directed through the Contact Page on this website..

Thank you!