Print Presentation Information

On this page you will find Overmatting and Print Presentation details, together with some FAQ's in relation to Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints.

Presentation Specifications for Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints

Pigment Ink Presentation

Please Note- A downloadable PDF version of the above document is available on the Downloads Page.

FAQ's in relation to Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints

Why are Oversized Edition prints available as "loose prints" only?

Oversized Edition prints are supplied as "loose prints" only – meaning that they are supplied without matting or overmatting. Each Oversized Edition print will be originally printed on an oversized sheet of 100% rag content fine art paper. The resulting print is then signed and numbered, rolled, and placed in a sturdy (6" dia.) mailing tube. Prints are shipped via Federal Express.

The reason that Oversized Edition prints are offered as loose prints, only, is because of the exorbitant costs associated with overmatting, crating, insuring, and ultimately, shipping of any flat artworks incorporating such substantial size dimensions, as with the Oversize Editions. For example, a 20"x50" (image size) panorama format Oversize Edition print would normally be overmatted to 30"x60". An overmatted print of that size (which of course, would then need to remain flat) would require construction of a wooden shipping crate sized to approximately 3 ft. x 5.5 ft. in order to adequately package and protect such a large flat artwork for safe shipping and handling. By rolling the loose prints and shipping them in a mailing tube, shipping and handling costs are kept to a minimum. And, because any oversized artwork will, by its very nature, require that artwork be framed in order to be properly displayed, professional framers are better able to supply custom overmatting as an integral part of their normal framing procedures.

Are there any guidelines or instructions for overmatting the Oversized Edition Prints?

Yes. There is a downloadable PDF file titled: Overmatting Instructions for Oversized Editions that can be found on the Downloads page. That PDF provides detailed  instructions for overmatting the 20"x28" (normal aspect ratio) and 20"x50" (panorama aspect ratio) Oversized Edition prints.

How are the Limited Edition Pigment Ink Prints actually produced?

Huntington Witherill Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints are currently produced using a Canon IPF6400 large format printer, OEM 12-color Lucia EX pigment based inks, and 100% rag content fine art papers. All work is completed exclusively by the photographer.

How many prints are available in each individual edition?

Specific edition numbers – meaning the total number of available prints for any specifically editioned image – will be indicated either here, or within the print descriptions located on each of the individual image "Add to Cart" pages. (see highlighted example, below). Please Note: Each editioned image also reserves five (5) "Artist Proof" prints (initialed and numbered: AP/1- AP/5). Artist Proof prints are not available for sale.