Selected Public Collections

Here you will find a select listing of public institutions that maintain Huntington Witherill's photographs as a part of their permanent collections.



Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

National Museum of Modern Art • Kyoto, Japan

United States Department of State • Art in the Embassies

Los Angeles County Museum of Art • Los Angeles, CA

Everson Museum of Art • Syracuse, NY

Santa Barbara Museum of Art • Santa Barbara, CA

Museum of Fine Arts • St. Petersburg, FL

Akron Art Museum • Akron, OH

Monterey Museum of Art • Monterey, CA

Asheville Art Museum • Asheville, NC

North Carolina State University • Raleigh, NC

Expo '90 Photo Museum • Tokyo, Japan

Yokohama City Museum • Yokohama, Japan

Fundacióe Van Gogh d'Arles • Arles, France

Sioux City Art Center • Sioux City, IA

The Grace Museum • Abilene, TX

Los Angeles County Courthouse • Pasadena, CA

Hewlett Packard Corporation

Syntex Corporation

Digital Research Corporation