About This Website

Welcome to the HuntingtonWitherill.com Website!

Celebrating nearly five decades of unbridled passion for the medium of photography, this online gallery and website features the photographs, writings, and philosophical musings of fine art photographer and visual artist, Huntington Witherill.

Working in both black & white, and color, Witherill's photographs encompass a diverse array of subject matter including traditional landscapes, urban architecture, still life subjects, floral and botanical studies, classic automobiles, inanimate animals, graffiti and wall art depictions, and abstract digital collage in which photography has been combined with freehand sketching and drawing. Additionally, there are a host of humorous road side attractions, cultural icons, and other assorted visual anomalies and curiosities to be found.

Together with the many unique image galleries being presented throughout this website, you will also find extensive biographical information, as well as interviews, articles & reviews by and about the photographer. There are also workshop, exhibition, and public collections listings, a quarterly e-newsletter titled: e•Musings, special limited edition Introductory Print Specials, available silver gelatin prints, and finally, a downloads page that offers a number of freely downloadable PDF files covering a variety of photographic topics and interests.

Whether you are interested in adding one of Witherill's limited edition fine art prints to your photography collection, or are simply searching for that special photography book, poster, or DVD-ROM – discover a diversity of photographic images and ideas presented throughout this, the official online gallery and website of Huntington Witherill Photography.