Purchasing items through this website for International Delivery

Why are items purchased through this website unavailable for International Delivery?

Regrettably, due to the rising costs of shipping goods to international destinations, I have chosen to discontinue offering the products sold directly through this website as being available for delivery to destinations outside of the United States.

The reason for the above decision is based upon the fact that the costs for international shipping (together with the necessary costs of insurance against a high rate of non-deliveries) have continually risen to the point that more than 90% of the international orders I had been receiving (through my previous website) were being ultimately and understandably declined due to the exorbitant costs of shipping – which, in some instances, proved to be significantly higher than the actual cost of the items being purchased.

Whenever a customer purchases any product through this website, I am of course thereafter obligated to be certain that product will be successfully delivered to the customer in a timely manner. And due, at least in part, to the increasing number of packages sent to international destinations being either misplaced, lost, or outright stolen, en route – the inevitability of having to replace and re-ship those products – at my own expense in terms of both time and money – together with the extended time and effort required to initiate, process, and ultimately recover any resulting insurance claims – the practical economic realities of reliably delivering goods to international destinations has become increasingly problematic.

I do apologize for this situation and wish that the above were not the case. Unfortunately, the overall costs associated with the delivery of goods to international destinations remains a dilemma over which I have no direct control.

Please Note- If you remain undeterred by the above situation and are prepared to pay the necessary costs associated with shipping via USPS Priority Mail International® (which, in some instances, can exceed 100% of the actual item costs) and also, provided that you maintain a PayPal account (which would be required in order to facilitate the necessary transfer of payment for any items purchased outside the confines of this website) please send an email inquiry through the Contact page and arrangements can be made to facilitate international sales outside of the e-commerce mechanism provided through this website.

Thank you!