On this page you will find a selected listing of books, magazines, and other types of publications in which Huntington Witherill's photographs and writings have appeared.

The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos, by Marc Silber. Foreword by Huntington Witherill. Published by Mango Media, Inc. 2018.

Enigmata: Portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No.. 133. Dec, 2017.

More Cameras + More Pictures = More Art? Article by Brooks Jensen and Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 119, Jul-Aug, 2015.

Virtual Reality: A portfolio of photographs from the Las Vegas strip. LensWork No. 117, Mar-Apr 2015.

Photo Synthesis: Extended portfolio. LensWork No. 92 Extended, Jan-Feb, 2015.

ImprovisationsFolios Gallery. LensWork No. 92 Extended, Jan-Feb, 2015.

LensWork Monograph #4: Chariots of Desire: Classic and Exotic Automobile Photographs- by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Publishing, 2014. 

Looking at Images: A deeper look at selected photographs, by Brooks Jensen. LensWork Publishing, 2014. 

Huntington Witherill: Image Reference Catalog: Interactive DVD-ROM. Self published. 2012.

Why Photographs Work: 52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special, and Why. by George Barr. Rocky Nook Publishing. 2011.

Learning from the Best: Article by Paul Slaughter, Rangefinder Magazine, Mar, 2011.

Digital Collage and Painting- by Susan Ruddick Bloom. Second Edition. Published by Focal Press. 2011.

Photo Synthesis- by Huntington Witherill. 120 page hard bound monograph with 85 color reproductions and a 16-page process description with working examples. Self published Aug, 2010.

Premier Issue: Color Magazine, Issue #1, April, 2009.

Digital Masters- B&W Printing- by George DeWolfe. Published by Lark Books, 2009.

Chariots of Desire- Photographs and Introduction by Huntington Witherill. 80-page hard bound monograph. Self published (POD) Oct, 2008.

Photography: Huntington Witherill: Art Works Magazine, Fall, 2008.

Chariots of Desire: ArtWorks Magazine, September, 2008.

Fellow Travelers: Roundtable discussion with David Grant Best, Brooks Jensen, Joe Lipka, and Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 76, May-June, 2008.

Photo Synthesis: Photographs and Introduction by Huntington Witherill. 120- page hard bound monograph. Self published (POD), April, 2008.

Digital Workspace Video Tour: Huntington Witherill's digital darkroom. LensWork No. 72, Sep-Oct, 2007.

Spotlight: Article and Portfolio of images by Huntington Witherill. B&W Magazine No. 41, Feb, 2006.

Chariots of Desire: Photographs and interview w/ Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 62, Jan-Feb, 2006.

Farewell to the Revolution: Article by Huntington Witherill. Camera Arts Magazine, Oct./Nov., 2005.

Farewell to the Revolution: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 60, Sep-Oct, 2005.

The Hamster Wheel of Progress: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 59, Jul-Aug, 2005.

Photo Synthesis: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 57, Jul-Aug, 2005.

The Hamster Wheel of Progress: Article by Huntington Witherill. PSA Journal, Aug, 2004.

Panorama: Folio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Publishing. 2004.

Black and White Fine Art: Article by Richard Pitnick. Professional Photographer Magazine, Aug, 2003.

Claiming the Blessing: The Witness Magazine, (v85, n11) Nov, 2002.

50 Perfect Places: Photographic feature. National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Nov., 2002.

Beware of Dog: by Martha Casanave. Foreword by Huntington Witherill. Center for Photographic Art, 2002.

Carrying on the Tradition: Featured article and photographs by Witherill. Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, Sept., 2001.

Pursuing a Hybrid: Interview of Witherill, by Richard Pitnick. B&W Magazine, Aug-Sep, 2001.

Within the Magnificence of the Boundless: Spiritus Journal (v1, n1) Spring, 2001.

Botanical Dances: by Huntington Witherill. Foreword by David E. Stroud. 104 page hard bound monograph with 39 tri-tone reproductions including five gatefold images. LensWork Publishing, 2001.

Orchestrating Icons: Portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 31, Sep-Oct, 2000.

The Witness: Photograph featured on cover. ECPC Publishing, 2000.

Photo Annual: Published by Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, 2000.

Orchestrating Icons: by Huntington Witherill. Foreword by Paul Caponigro. 108 page hard bound monograph w/ silver gelatin tip-in. LensWork Publishing, 2000.

Standing Up Country: by C. Gregory Crampton. Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2000.

Pushing Pixels: Article by Huntington Witherill. Published by Calumet Photographic, Inc., 1999.

Botanicals: Interview and portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 26, Aug-Oct, 1999.

Mixing Traditional & Digital Processes: Article by George DeWolfe. View Camera Magazine, Nov-Dec, 1999.

Dialogs: Interview of Witherill, by John Paul Caponigro. View Camera Magazine,  May-Jun, 1997.

LUX/ONE: Duograph featuring Paul Caponigro & Huntington Witherill. Published by the Center for Photographic Art, 1990.

Earthscape: Book containing photographs by Witherill, published by Expo '90 Photo Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 1990.

The Black Hole in Photography: Article by Huntington Witherill. View Camera Magazine, 1989.

New Exposure: Catalog of Fine Photography. Published by New Exposure Gallery, 1987.

Huntington Witherill Catalog: 41 reproductions of landscape photographs. Self published, 1985.

Letter from Carmel: Article by Peter Nabokov. American Photographer Magazine, March, 1983.

Portfolio I: 10 silver gelatin prints by Witherill, with slipcase. Foreword by Steve Crouch. Published by The Collectors Gallery, 1981.

Portfolio Feature: Portfolio of photographs featured in premier issue of Monterey Life Magazine, 1980.