Introductory Print Specials


Save over 50% on 11"x14" Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints!

For a limited time only, 11"x14" signed and numbered pigment ink prints of the images shown above have been reduced from the regular retail price of $350.00 each, to only $170.00 each! That's more than 50% below the retail price... and free shipping is included.

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Please Note: IPS prints are available for U.S.A. delivery, only.

What are Introductory Print Specials?

Available for U.S.A. delivery, only, Introductory Print Specials (IPS prints) feature an ongoing program of selected pigment ink print editions being offered exclusively through the web site at more than 50% below the retail prices. Each signed and numbered IPS print is culled from the "Regular" limited edition and is printed on an oversized sheet. IPS prints are not mounted or overmatted. Each loose print is rolled and packaged in a sturdy mailing tube, and free shipping is included.

This special offer applies only to the two images displayed within the most currently posted issue of the e•Musings Newsletter. Each IPS print offering will be available for a limited time only and there will never be more than two (2) editioned images available (as IPS prints) at any given time. Each time a new issue of the e•Musings Newsletter is posted, new IPS offerings will be posted (to replace the previous offerings). Once an image has been removed as an Introductory Print Specials offering, standard retail prices will be applied to any remaining prints available in that edition.