Purchasing Prints on this Website

Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints

If you would like to purchase Huntington Witherill Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints of any of the images displayed within any of the galleries featured on this website, prints are available for sale in a variety of sizes. Please click here for more detailed information.

Silver Gelatin Prints

Silver Gelatin prints that were produced using film and a traditional wet darkroom, between 1970 and 2005, remain available for purchase through this website. If you are interested in purchasing Silver Gelatin Prints from the Huntington Witherill Silver Gelatin Print Archive, please click here for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Huntington Witherill prints that are NOT displayed on this website?

Yes. If you know of any specific image title (or preferably that image's unique 5-digit file number) you can simply contact Huntington Witherill via the Contact Page with a request for that image to be posted in the password protected Private Gallery located on this website. The image you request (if available) will be posted in the Private Gallery and you will receive (via email reply) a password that will then allow you access to the Private Gallery where you can review and/or purchase prints of that image.

How do I purchase prints using a Desktop Computer?

The easiest way to purchase a print will be to follow the process outlined, below.

  1. Within any of the galleries on the site, click the specific thumbnail image you wish to purchase a print of, and an enlarged version of that image will appear.
  2. Hover your mouse over the bottom of the enlarged image and a dark background overlay will appear in which a white text link titled: Purchase Prints of this image will appear in the lower left.
  3. Click that text link and an "Add to Cart" facility page will appear, together with detailed print and edition information.
  4. Select the specific print size you would like, and then simply click the Add to Cart button and proceed through the checkout process.

How do I purchase prints using a Mobile Device?

If you are attempting to purchase prints from a mobile device such as a cell phone, or a tablet device (and depending upon the specific type of device, and what specific system software is being used to run that device) the text links located in the gallery enlargement pages may not operate properly. If such is the case, simply click the text links listed below to be taken to the various gallery specific product listing pages. Once you are on the specific gallery product listing page, you can then click on any thumbnail on that page (using most any type of mobile device) in order to purchase prints of that image.

Links to Gallery Product Listing Pages:

Orchestrating Icons

Botanical Dances

The Hand of Man

Chariots of Desire

Photo Synthesis

Virtual Reality

Inanimate Animals



Recent Work

Silver Gelatin Prints