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Huntington Witherill 

New Work Posted in the Recent Work Gallery

Several new images have just been posted in the Recent Work Gallery.

The images are described as...

Current Introductory Print Specials

Don't miss the current Introductory Print Specials!

For a limited time only, 11"x14" prints of the pigment ink editions shown above will be available for only $170.00 each. That's more than 50% below the retail price. And, as with any print purchased through this website, FREE shipping is included!

Click either image above to take advantage of this limited time special offer.

What are Introductory Print Specials?

Introductory Print Specials (IPS prints) feature an ongoing program of selected pigment ink print editions being offered exclusively through the HuntingtonWitherill.com web site at more than 50% below the retail prices. Each signed and numbered IPS print is culled from the "Regular" limited edition and is printed on an oversized sheet. IPS prints are not mounted or over-matted. Each loose print is rolled and shipped in a sturdy mailing tube. And the $170.00 price includes free shipping within the USA.

This special offer applies only to the two images displayed within the most currently posted issue of the e•Musings Newsletter. Each IPS print offering will be available for a limited time only and there will never be more than two (2) editioned images available (as IPS prints) at any given time. Each time a new issue of the e•Musings Newsletter is posted, new IPS offerings will be posted (to replace the previous offerings). Once an image has been removed as an Introductory Print Specials offering, standard retail prices will be applied to any remaining prints available in that edition.

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