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  Enlarging the Website Window

July 29, 2015  •  Did you know that you can enlarge the images and text on this website? There is a simple method for increasing the overall size of the website window. The following method will increase the size of both the images and text.

To Enlarge the Window Size- Hold the "Command" or "Control" key and press the "Plus" (+) key.
To Reduce the Window Size- Hold the "Command" or "Control" key and press the "Minus" (–) key.
To Reset the Window Size- Hold the "Command" or "Control" key and press the "Zero" (0) key.

You can repeatedly press the "Plus" or "Minus" keys (while holding the "Command" or "Control" key) to further enlarge or reduce the overall size of the website window. And, if you wish to return the window to its original (native) size, simply hold down the "Command" or "Control" key and press the "Zero" (0) key. It's that simple!

Go ahead... give it a try!

  Archival Pigment Ink Editions Print Price Increase Announcement

August 11, 2013  •  It's been a number of years since there has been an increase in the retail prices of my photographic prints. Upon reviewing my records, the most recently implemented price increase occurred way back in 2007, some six years ago.

Despite the fact that, prior to 2007, I had historically continued to institute incremental price increases on a more or less annual basis, it just didn’t seem to make good sense to continue the pattern during economically challenging times like those that we've all experienced over the past several years.

At the same time, the costs of doing business have continued to rise over the past six years. Each and every cost associated with the production of a photographic print – from the cost of purchasing materials, to the costs of printing and matting, packaging, shipping and delivering the finished product – has continued to escalate without interruption. Additionally, and on a more personal level, I'm fast approaching that age when one tends to come to the realization that their remaining time will continue to become increasingly precious and finite, as time itself continues to slip away.

Therefore, in an effort to better manage the time I have available to me, and to bring the costs of my photographic prints into a more realistic relationship with the current costs of producing the prints themselves (labor and materials), I am hereby announcing that, beginning on September 15, 2013, there will be an overall (across the board) increase in the retail prices of my Archival Pigment Ink Edition prints. The increase itself will range anywhere from 16% to 23%, depending upon print size.

Needless to say, if you have been contemplating the purchase of one or more of my Archival Pigment Ink Edition prints, you may wish to consider purchasing those prints before September 15, 2013. A schedule of the upcoming price increase is outlined below.

Price Schedule

September 15, 2013 – Archival Pigment Ink Editions Revision Announcement

In addition to the above announced print price increase, and also beginning on September 15, 2013, I will be employing a significantly more limited edition numbering strategy in relation to all newly created Archival Pigment Ink Editions. Beginning on September 15, 2013 and thereafter, all newly introduced Archival Pigment Ink Editions will be reduced from 125 available prints in the "regular" editions, to a maximum of 50 available prints in each "regular" edition. Please Note: All previously produced Archival Pigment Ink Editions (those produced prior to September 15, 2013) will remain unchanged.

  Redesigned Multimedia Page

July 12, 2013  •  In effort to create a more user friendly experience, facilitate easier access, and gain the ability to add new audio and video content on a more regular basis, the Multimedia page has recently been completely redesigned and reconfigured.

Visit the new Multimedia page to see what's up, and don't forget to check out the recently posted three-part interview of Witherill that was conducted by John Paul Caponigro, in April, 2013. Caponigro and Witherill discuss issues related to photographic composition, content and vision, and legacy.

The Multimedia Page can be accessed through the Resources link located in the main navigation bar (above) or by simply clicking the link provided below:

Multimedia Page currently featuring Huntington Witherill

April 20, 2013  •  A portfolio of photographs from Witherill's Virtual Reality series, together with a written interview of the photographer, conducted by Connie Rosenthal, are being currently featured on the web site.

RFOTOFOLIO is an online curated gallery of fine art photography featuring the work and words of both emerging and established photographers. In addition to providing an online gallery presence, RFOTOFOLIO publishes articles by and about influential photographers, founders, and innovators of the art form.

Witherill's portfolio and interview can be accessed by clicking the following link:

RFOTOFOLIO: Witherill portfolio and interview

  New Multimedia DVD-ROM Announced

November 1, 2012  •  Announcing the recent introduction of a brand new interactive DVD-ROM titled: Huntington Witherill: Image Reference Catalog, now aavailable exclusively through the web site.

The Image Reference Catalog (compatible with both Mac and PC) has been designed to serve as a complete visual reference guide to all available photographs produced by the photographer between 1970 and mid-2012.

Containing many never before (or rarely) seen images, the catalog itself contains more than 1,450 photographic images in both black and white, and color, culled from approximately 15,000 film negatives and digital image files produced since 1970, when Witherill first began photography.

Images are arranged in a contact sheet format and each individual image is conveniently linked to a corresponding full-screen, high-resolution image enlargement file for detailed viewing. Additionally, there are multiple built-in search indexes and intuitive navigational features so that individual images can be quickly and easily located throughout the catalog.

To find out more details, or to order a copy of the newly introduced DVD-ROM, please click the following link:

Image Reference Catalog

  New Audio Content Added to Site

June 11, 2011  •  The "Videos" page link (under the Resources link within the main navigation bar) has a new name. The new name is "Multimedia" and the newly naemd link simply replaces the old "Videos" page link. This change was made to accommodate the addition of audio content to the "Videos" page. The site's video content has not changed. However, with the recent posting of an audio interview of Witherill, conducted by Scott Sheppard for, the "Videos" page has now become more of a Multimedia page, and thus the name change.

To listen to a recently posted March, 2011 inteview of Witherill, conducted by Scott Sheppard, please visit the Multimedia Index page via the link provided below. A direct link to the interview itself is located at the bottom of that page. In the interview, Witherill talks about his early development as a photographer and offers some insights into maintaining his ongoing passion for the photographic medium. The interview is approximately 35 minutes in length.

Multimedia Index


Newly Available Book: Photo Synthesis

November 20, 2010  •  "Photo Synthesis presents the viewer with an imaginative series of photographic images of botanical subjects that have been digitally transformed into a feast of primordial landscapes, fantasy-based illusions, and altered perceptions."

I am very pleased to announce the recent completion of my latest book: Photo Synthesis. Available directly through the website, the new 120 page hard bound volume contains over 85 full-color reproductions taken from the photographic series: Photo Synthesis. Also included is a 16-page working process description together with several “before” and “after” examples. The book itself is sized at 9.5" x 12.25" and priced at $60.00.

To view sample pages and find out more about this newly available book click the link below:

Photo Synthesis Book


New Video Featured: Marc Silber Interview of Witherill

December 1, 2010  •  Marc Silber, of, has recently produced a video interview with Huntington Witherill. That interview is now accessible via the Video Index page of this web site.

In the ten-minute inteview, Witherill talks about maintaining his ongoing passion for the medium and offers some tips for improving your photography. Sponsored by SanDisk Corporation, Silber has conducted numerous video interviews with a wide array of photographic artists and practicioners.

To view the newly posted video click the link below:

Marc Silber Interview

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